ShejriX siberians

Members from the past


ShejriX Aldur         2*CERT

born 2015-05-30

*** Moved to Charlie Lundgren ***


Easy. Kind. Loveable.

Such a joy to put in the team, never troublesome. Often works in point position.


Shejrix Trickster     1*CERT

b. 2010-06-12, d. 2019-07-29

He was our mainleader.

He was: Speed and Strength! 

Unfortunately he had a back injury the fall of 2018 and never recovered fully from it. Tricky was our only dog that never could be happy without the possibility to do what was in his heart; RUN! A big loss for us! 

Run free, Tricky! Run for us all! ❤


SUCH SE(polar)CH ShejriX Four Motion


Outstanding leader at competitions above all. At home she could be comfortable fronting heavy trails and she would often let her brother Haldex take the lead.

So kind, so happy. Until we meet again ❤


SE(polar)CH Vox Celesta's Harpya


My first leader, my first female. My foundation to the whole kennel. 

I will always, always miss your spirit ❤

ShejriX siberians