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A journey begins

My fairytale started when growing up, surrounded by Whippets & Greyhounds. As long as I can remember there has almost always been a fourlegged member of the family.  A few years passed by from when our last Whippet died, until I stumbled upon a Siberian husky, and my world as I know it started. 

I bought my first siberian, Belzack in 1995 and was introduced to the swedish specialty club for siberian huskies in 1998. My interest in the breed started when I learnt more about the breed itself. In the beginning my first siberian was just a dog, nothing more. But when attending dogshows I learnt about what they should look like and joining my good friend Annika to sledding competitions, I learned about what the breed is meant to do.



I am very interested in breeding and my purpose is to breed typical and functional siberian huskies

  • Mentality
  • Function
  • Exterior

We usually make plans when we need to rejuvinate the team. 

ShejriX siberians